You are responsible for the development of your Corporate Business Plan & need to deliver a detailed and comprehensive business strategy to the Board of Directors and/or other Stakeholders. TBPT Consultants work with you and your Management Team Virtually, Face-to-Face and/or On-Site in the UK and abroad. 

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Corporate Strategic Business Plan
You are part of the senior management team of a large organisation that needs to update or develop your corporate strategic business plan. The plan may embrace rationalisation of existing business operations, expansion into new market sectors, or the development of an evolving product or service. Above all you need to deliver a detailed and comprehensive corporate business plan that clearly communicates the business strategy to your Board of Directors and wider management team, employees and other stakeholders. Whilst you have expertise within the team you recognise the value of engaging with an experienced external consultancy to bring an independent perspective to the development of your strategic business plan. 

Our Experience
Our Team of consultants have considerable experience writing strategic business plans for organisations operating on a National, International and Global scale. They have worked for Clients needing to develop business plans to communicate global strategic change to their investor & customer base, through to clients seeking to develop an international business plan to raise up to £200m in corporate venture funding. Our Business Plan Consultants have first-hand experience of helping corporations across a wide range of industry sectors, developing commercial strategies, and raising debt and equity funding. With this breadth of expertise & experience TBPT is well placed to work closely alongside board directors and management teams to develop comprehensive and detailed strategic plans to target various stakeholder groups.

Fees and Time-scale
Fees and time scale for developing a strategic business plan varies significantly from project to project. Following an initial telephone brief from you to establish the scope of work, we will provide you with a proposal outlining the process, fees and time-scale for delivering your business plan. As a rough guide, for an organisation needing to develop existing material and forecasts into a cohesive business plan, fees for virtual consultancy and business plan development start at around £3,500. For organisations requiring face to face consultancy and full service business planning from research and forecasting through to documentation and presentations, fees generally range upwards of £5,000. All fees are subject to VAT. Simply ring us on 0845 026 0198 or fill in the contact form on this page and we will be happy to provide you with a proposal.

We take responsibility for writing your business plan from start to finish whilst fully involving the management team in the process. This will likely involve regular virtual or face-to-face meetings with the sponsor within the client management team, the facilitation of strategy development, collaboration with key members of the management team & stakeholder groups, and integration of comment, feedback and analysis. Typically this is approached in three broad stages:

  • Review, Analysis and Research
  • Financial Forecasting and Planning
  • Writing the Business Plan & Developing Accompanying Documents

Once a plan is in place and complete our team can work with the board and executive management team to measure performance against identified objectives and conduct periodic strategic reviews.

Financial Porecast Process 2

What will be in my Corporate Strategic Business Plan?
The content of your business plan will depend on the scope of work agreed with you and the level of detail required. However, each plan will typically comprise a minimum of:

  • A 40 - 50 page Business Plan Commentary & Executive Summary
  • A 5 year Profit and Loss, Cash-Flow and Balance sheet 
  • A set of appendices with supporting detail

Many of Our Clients are often seeking to explore potential growth paths, different value propositions, alternative commercial strategies, and forecast the potential outcomes. So, as well as its core Business Plan Services TBPT provides a range of Other Business Plan Services including research & analysis, financial modelling, feasibility analysis, and pitch-deck & investor prospectus development, as well as introductions to potential sources of funding. Simply ring us on 0845 026 0198 or fill in the contact form on this page and we will be happy to provide you with a proposal.

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