You've got some supporting research for your business and now need it developed into a Professional Business Plan.  We can provide you with anything from a Basic Plan through to a Full Business Plan & Detailed Financials. Prices depend on complexity of your business, the level of targeted funding & how much work has already been completed. 

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Start-Up Business Plan
You are starting a business, know about your market and are confident your business idea will stack up commercially (if you haven’t got this far - take a look at how we can help assess the feasibility of your business idea). But now you need someone to develop your business idea into a professional Start-Up Business Plan that will stand up to the scrutiny of potential investors, a bank or business partners.

Our Experience
TBPT writes Start-Up Business Plans for professionals looking to strike out on their own or with a team of co-founders. Our Clients are typically needing a business plan for a new business to secure funding of between £25,000 and £500,000. But we are also experienced in writing business start-up plans for larger new Corporate Ventures seeking to secure start-up funding of between £1m and £200 million. Depending on how far down the track you are with your start up business plan, and how much help you need, Our Team of consultants will provide as much (or as little) help as you want.

Fees, Process & Time-scale
Each start-up business plan is different. Fees, process and time-scale will depend on a number of key factors which include:

  • Work Completed: How much work you have already completed (research, writing, and financial forecasting)
  • Objective: The objective of the start-up plan (e.g. secure funding, supplier agreement, or tenancy agreements, Visa application)
  • Funding: How much you are looking to raise in funding
  • Audience: What level of detail your target audience needs

We can give you a firm quotation once we have had an initial FREE Consultation with you - simply fill out the contact form or call us and we will be happy to help. However, as a rough guide, for smaller start-ups looking to raise £25,000 - £50,000, a short start-up business plan and summary financials may be sufficient, cost as little as £950.00, and take less than a week. For larger more complex start-up businesses seeking more substantial investment a more detailed start-up business plan will be required to meet the needs of potential investors. Fees for this range from £1,250 to £2,500 and take 2-4 weeks to put together. All prices are subject to VAT. 

What will be in my Start-Up Business Plan?
The content of your start-up business plan will depend on the level of detail required. However, each plan will typically comprise a minimum of:
• A 10 - 25 page business plan commentary including a 2-page Executive Summary (See example of content outlined below)
• A set of financial forecasts for the business (3 year month by month Profit and Loss, Cash-Flow and Balance sheet)
• A set of appendices with detail supporting the business plan


Many of Our Clients are primarily developing a start-up business plan to securing funding, but in the process are often seeking to explore new products and services, different value propositions, alternative commercial strategies, and forecast the potential outcomes. So, as well as its core Business Plan Services TBPT provides a range of Other Business Plan Services including research & analysis, financial modelling, and Feasibility Analysis.

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